Lago di Como
Lago di Como

Expo and Tour Guide in Italy,
the "Bel Paese"

EXPO GUIDE is the guide for Rotarians traveling to World EXPO MILANO 2015.
In ancient Rome there was the card hospitalis, a document used as recognition and guarantee that you carve the name of the person hosting and hosted person. In early trade, you could access in the city only if you had this card.
The host (who hosts) acted as guarantor of the foreigner (hosted).
By adapting this concept of mutual trust to the modern world we have created a guide that combines the concept of hospitality to friendship and solidarity.

Under Rotarians-Support you can find:

  • the schedule of the convivial meetings promoted by the partecipating Rotary Clubs (click on "Meetings Schedule")
  • the proposal of some tour to visit Milan and other places of historical and cultural significance (click on "Proposals Excursions")
  • useful numbers and more.
In all Proposed Tours you will be greeted by Rotarians residing on site who will be delighted to accompany you to discover the beauty of places, events and shopping.
If you are a member of a Rotary Club, Inner Wheel and Rotaract can subscribe to one or more of this tour by filling in the booking form located in the description.
You receive a response to your request to the email address entered in acceptance until all the available places.
For some proposals is expected a participation fee to cover travel expenses, entrance fees to museums or events as scheduled.

The best around Expo

The Guide is dedicated to all those who wish to visit EXPO MILAN 2015 and discover the most beautiful places in Italy by relying on “friends“ who share your same way of thinking and living. Thematic itineraries and unforgettable places suggested and told by Rotarians who wish to forge friendship and volunteer to help you discover the “hidden treasures“.
Events you can not miss and unusual proposals to discover the beautiful country through the eyes of those who live there will turn your visit to the unique experience.

Solidarity that costs you nothing

If you choose the Network Partners you will be entitled to enjoy benefits and discounts dedicated (only for card holders Donate&Save) and will activate simultaneously raising funds destined to the selected Non-profit Organizations.
All the activities and services offered are “guaranteed“ by fellow Rotarians who wanted to simplify the search making it for you.
Find out which are the Non-profit Organizations selected and choose the one you would like to eventually support.

Donate&Save: your new traveling companion

Emile Benveniste in his Dictionary of Indo-European institutions (1969), taking into account the history and etymology of the word "host", comes to the conclusion that the concept of hospitality is based on the idea that a man is related to another through the obligation to compensate for a certain performance of which he was the recipient.
A sort of butterfly effect: small variations in the initial conditions produce large variations in the long-term behavior of a system.
This is what we want to create: a trigger circuit of solidarity to help the weakest.
Ask forDonate&Save Card to avail of benefits/discounts and give a smile to those who need it most.